Month: October 2022

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Many U.S. Airports No Longer Issuing Passport Entry Stamps

A growing number of U.S. airports have stopped stamping foreign passports with an entry stamp when a foreign national enters the United States. Instead, each time someone enters the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) creates an online electronic record of the individual’s entry. This online electronic record is called an I-94, and international travelers should check their I-94 record after every entry into the United States to ensure that all of their data and admission information is correct.

This weekend CBP launched a new app called “CBP One” that serves as a single portal to CBP services and makes checking your I-94, registering for a provisional I-94, and booking customs appointments available all in one app. Check it out here, and help ensure that your international travels into the U.S. go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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USCIS Extends COVID-19-related Flexibilities

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is extending certain COVID-19-related flexibilities through Jan. 24, 2023. Under these flexibilities, USCIS considers a response received within 60 calendar days after the due date before taking any action. The USCIS notices and requests eligible for this extension include:

  • Requests for Evidence;
  • Continuations to Request Evidence (N-14);
  • Notices of Intent to Deny;
  • Notices of Intent to Revoke;
  • Notices of Intent to Rescind;
  • Notices of Intent to Terminate regional centers;
  • Notices of Intent to Withdraw Temporary Protected Status; and
  • Motions to Reopen an N-400 Pursuant to 8 CFR 335.5, Receipt of Derogatory Information After Grant.

In addition, USCIS will consider a Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion, or a Form N-336, Request for a Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings (Under Section 336 of the INA), if:

  • The form was filed up to 90 calendar days from the issuance of a decision we made; and
  • We made that decision between Nov. 1, 2021, and Jan. 24, 2023, inclusive.

As a reminder, the reproduced signature flexibility announced in March 2020 became permanent policy on July 25, 2022.

Please visit for USCIS updates.

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USCIS Confirms Employers Should Continue to Use Current Form I-9 Past Its Upcoming Expiration Date

USCIS has confirmed that employers should continue using the current I-9 form for Employment Eligibility Verification, even after its upcoming expiration date of October 31, 2022. It is not yet clear when the new version of the I-9 will be released. Until it is, the current form should be used.

Do you have questions regarding how to correctly complete I-9 forms? Worried your company’s I-9’s may contain errors? Our attorneys can assist companies with everything from answering specific questions to conducting affirmative I-9 audits.