About Us

About Us

by SCwpadmin

Curray York & Associates

CYA is a woman-owned and operated law firm dedicated to U.S. immigration law.  Emily Curray and Lisa York began working together in 2002 when Emily hired Lisa as a young associate attorney. After working on her own for several years, Lisa and Emily rejoined forces when Emily’s longtime partner, Ken Stern, retired in 2018.  In September 2021, Emily retired.  Lisa now leads our team of dedicated professionals.

Our Philosophy

At CYA we do not just handle our clients’ paperwork, we strategically manage their immigration situation, balancing their legal immigration needs, practical realities of life, and cost. We devote a large portion of our practice to business immigration because we believe the U.S. needs to attract the best and the brightest from around the world to help it maintain its edge in the global marketplace and because time has shown that immigrants greatly benefit the U.S. economy.  Over the years we have developed particular expertise working with institutes of higher education.  We also strongly believe in family reunification, defending the rights of immigrants, and helping individuals find a safe haven from persecution in this country. To that end, we represent individuals who are seeking temporary or permanent legal status in the United States before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of Labor, and, when necessary, U.S. Federal Courts.

CYA has built a reputation on an ethic of excellent customer service and a deep respect for the needs of employers and their employees, as well as foreign nationals seeking immigration benefits through individual avenues. Our firm emphasizes a holistic approach to ensure that everyone, from political refugees, to CEOs, to the world’s top scientists and college professors, benefits from our many years of experience and our high-quality legal services.

Employer and Business Expertise

CYA handles complex immigration issues for small, medium, and large size organizations in a variety of industries with a special emphasis on institutes of higher education.  We limit our practice to U.S. immigration law with the goal of providing our clients the best immigration advice and representation. Our team has worked with numerous human resources managers, directors, general counsels and other professionals for over 20 years.

At CYA, we are strategic partners with our educational and business clients.  We provide employers with a comprehensive approach to immigration issues. We serve as a dedicated team member to our educational and business clients, so they essentially have in-house immigration counsel. Our approach is high-touch, and we represent both the employer and employee to ensure that all affected by an immigration matter have direct access to their team of an attorney and paralegal. This ensures all receive the information they need and eases the burden on the employer’s attorneys and HR team. As part of our personalized approach, we balance the myriad needs of our clients and take pride in handling our clients’ matters efficiently and cost-effectively through the use of our firm’s customized systems.

We are here to help with your business immigration needs