Month: February 2008

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Breaking News for Pending I-485 Cases Awaiting Security Clearance

In a memo by Associate Director, Domestic Operations, Michael Aytes, dated Feb. 4, 2008 USCIS outlined revised FBI name check procedures for adjustment of status cases. The memo states, in part, “where the application is otherwise approvable and the FBI name check request has been pending for more than 180 days, the adjudicator shall approve the I-485, I-601, I-687, or I-698 and proceed with card issuance.” This means that most long-standing I-485 applications for permanent residency should see significant progress up to and including final adjudication in the coming months. However, the memo adds, “[i]f derogatory or adverse information is received from the FBI after the application is approved, USCIS will determine if rescission or removal proceedings are appropriate and warranted.” Please note the policy change does not apply to delayed security checks in N-400 Application for Naturalization cases. Please contact an attorney at Stern & Curray LLC if you have questions regarding this new development.