Consular Processing

Consular Processing

by SCwpadmin

Consular Processing for Family Members

Certain relatives of United States Citizens or Permanent Residents are eligible to come to the United States on immigrant visas and thereafter become Permanent Residents themselves.  The process of applying for an immigrant visa at a consulate outside of the United States is commonly known as “consular processing.”  Many people applying through consular processing have never before lived in the United States.  Other people applying for consular processing have lived previously in the United States, sometime for long periods of time, but are not able to gain lawful status in the United States without returning to their home country and applying for through consular processing.  Most of those people who have previously lived in the United States without lawful status, will need to apply for a waiver as part of their “consular processing.”

Our team has decades of experience representing people at consulates all over the world in immigrant visa consular processing applications.  We will work closely with you and your relative to ensure all your questions are answered in the application process and in advance of the consular interview.

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